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Electronics and Communication Technology – ECT

Group : Science
Admitting Seat : 25 Nos

The growth of knowledge-based society offers great opportunities for the social and economic health of a country. Development in the area of Science and Technology contribute remarkably for this exponential growth. Among these, Electronics is a very fast developing field, embracing almost all walks of human endeavors. Rapid advancements in Electronics and Communication Technology have already made a notable impact in all the fields of life in this 21st century itself.

The development in semiconductor technology made it possible for integration of circuits into chips and these powerful chips which have different tremendous capabilities can be used for almost all applications in the areas of business, science, engineering, medical, defense etc. The applications of electronics and communication are very effectively extended to the fields of instrumentation, general communication, medical electronics, computers, wireless communication, automobile engineering, entertainments, internet, e-commerce etc. Further technological advancements in these areas have been predicted, to make those kinds of gadgets essential in the high-tech future.

Twentieth century science fiction is turning into twenty first century fact. The future looks exciting, as the change is accelerating at rapid pace. Thus the relevance of the study in the field of electronics and communication technology opens a large number of opportunities in the related fields.

The electronics and communication technology course aims to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge of the students to mold them with the capabilities to meet the emerging trends and needs in this field. It also provides opportunities to the aspirants for higher studies in diploma and/or professional/vocational degree courses.

This course aims to make the student proficient theoretically and practically in four different well defined skill areas as Basic Electronics and Sound engineering, Computer hardware and Networking, Microcontroller and Robotics and Wireless Communication and Mobile Technology.


  • Handling tools

  • Identify and test of different electronic components

  • Build and test a range of simple electronic circuits

  • Perform basic calculations and make accurate measurements using measuring instruments

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Resistance

  • Frequency

  • Soldering skills.

  • Soldering and De soldering

  • Trouble shoot simple circuits

  • Fabricate PCB

  • Knowledge on the fundamentals of analog and digital electronics, power supply and it’s working

  • PA system installation

  • Test and operate sound system

  • Sound mixing and panning

  • Computer hardware maintenance and trouble shooting

  • Computer assembling

  • Testing of SMPS

  • Setup LAN.

    • Network Cable crimping

    • Installation Home/Office Networking

    • Wi-Fi Configuration

    • IP configuration

    • Configure router

    • Concept of WAN

  • PIC Microcontroller design

  • Programming skills (Embedded C)

  • Circuit design and interfacing

  • Basic knowledge about robotics

  • Assembling and testing of different communication circuit

  • Interfacing of peripherals with microcontroller

  • Basics of Mobile servicing

  • Other skill to be achieved - Communication skill, listening skill, skill in handling tools, reading skill, observation, behavioral skill

Higher Education Opportunities

  • Learners who successfully get through ECT are eligible to secure admission to any course like their counterparts +2 learners can,

  • Eligible to appear for engineering entrance examination

  • 2% exclusive reservation to VHSE students for Diploma Courses without minimum mark constrain,

  • Eligible to opt for all courses like BA, B Com, B Sc Electronics/Computer Science B Sc Physics/Chemistry/ Mathematics etc.

  • Eligible to apply for B.Tech/B.E, B.Voc, B Sc Psychology, Integrated LLB

  • Lateral entry (Direct admission to Second year) in Polytechnic colleges

Job opportunities/Placement

  • Recognized and approved by PSC

  • Placement in Government services as Lab Technical Assistants in VHS Schools

  • Service technicians to Cable TV, Home Theatre, Computer Servicing etc.

  • Sales personal/Service representatives to Electronic Manufactures and outlets

  • Apprenticeship with stipend opportunity in government and public sector firms

  • Eligibility to run assembling units and service centers

  • Eligible to run small scale units/industries

  • Capability to run retail outlets of electronic components with technical support

  • Self-employment opportunities- DTH Installation and Servicing, Computer/Laptop Service Centre, Electronics Service Centre, Electronics Manufacturing Unit

Subjects to be studied - EET/ECT




Entrepreneurship Development

Vocational Theory

Vocational Practical

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