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Electrical and Electronics Technology – EET

Group : Science

Admitting Seat : 25 Nos

The course named Electrical and Electronics Technology (EET) comes under engineering group. Electrical and Electronics Engineering field has radically transformed our way of life and so the basic concepts of the same have been dealt with in detail.

Students with a flair for LED assembling and repairing, solar PV system installation & maintenance, domestic appliance servicing and house wiring will find the course a rewarding career option. Besides this, students can stabilize their career by equipping themselves with wire man license. This can open the portals of self-employment to the pass outs. For those aspiring to apply for government jobs, the course is recognized by PSC and so it opens job opportunities.

There are ample opportunities in private sectors too. Due priority is also given to skill development to ensure that students don't take a back seat on their ride to success. So the future seems promising for EET students. The course EET ensures a radical change at the academic level and so is all geared to set a new mile stone for its students. Our prime focus is on developing much needed manpower in industries and opening up opportunities for self-employment.

Bridging the gap between current industry requirement and skill competency of students is a herculean task. We believe that we have done justice to this issue and addressed it by taking a small step forward. Practical skills of students should also be enhanced by paying more attention to hands-on-training.


To prepare the learner to enter self-employment as LED lamp repair technician, wireman, home appliance service technician and solar equipment installation and maintenance technician.

To equip the learner to get wage employment in public as well as private sector by attaining skill and undertaking the service work.

To meet the requirement of skilled man power as wireman/ technician in the field of electrical and electronics.

To acquire basic knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering at higher secondary level itself and thereby enabling him to equip with modern technology to get a foundation for his future studies/ career.

Higher Education Opportunities

  • Learners who successfully get through EET are eligible to secure admission to any course as their counterparts +2 learners can

  • Eligibility to appear for engineering entrance examination,

  • 2% exclusive reservation to VHSE students for Diploma Courses where there is no minimum mark constrain

  • Eligible to apply for B.Tech/B.E, B.Voc, B Sc Psychology, Integrated LLB

  • Eligible to opt for all courses like BA, B Com, B Sc Electronics/Computer Science /Chemistry/ Mathematics etc.

  • Lateral entry (Direct admission to Second year) in Polytechnic colleges

Job opportunities/Placement

  • Recognized and approved by PSC, EET is equivalent to become a licensed Electrician,

  • Placement in Government services as Lab Technical Assistants in VHS Schools

  • Become a certified licensee and capable of undertaking domestic and industrial electrification projects

  • Capable of becoming Service technician of domestic appliance

  • Apprenticeship with stipend and opportunity in government and public sector firms

  • Winding technicians (Electric motor) to various types of motor and transformers

  • Eligible to run small scale units/industries

  • Capability to run domestic appliance and wiring spare parts outlets with technical support to customers

Subjects to be studied - EET/ECT




Entrepreneurship Development

Vocational Theory

Vocational Practical

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